Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu has inaugurated Asia’s biggest video wall which facilitates him to monitor the governance directly from his Secretariat office in Amaravathi to village level.

The chief minister named after the new facility as Real Time Governance State Centre (RTGS). Chandrababu will address the grievance of people even from a remote village. Anybody can make a video call to the RTGS centre and lodge a complaint or grievance. The CMO office will respond immediately and alert the concerned officials immediately.

In the next phase, Chandrababu will intervene and find whether the people’ s grievance is addressed or not. If not, the chief minister will call official and complainant on video and enquire the reasons for the delay.

The RTGS centre will also help to monitor law and order situation, officials performance, people problems from to time time. The facility will also help Chief Minister to hold video conference with any official round the clock.