Dawood Ibrahim, 1993 Mumbai blasts mastermind and one of the most wanted terrorists in the world, is reported to be depressed as his only son had decided to shun his underworld empire and become a cleric (an Islamic preacher) instead.

Dawood has three children, of them only one is male. Moin Nawaz, 31, is the only son of Dawood, who has become a devout Muslim, against his father’s wish of taking over the reins of underworld empire. This decision of his son has deeply affected Dawood, and he is reportedly worried over who would look after the ‘family business’ in future. It is heard that the only living brother of Dawood is not in good health, and that no reliable close relative is ready to take over the empire.

Reports further said that Dawood’s son, a business management graduate, had shunned all the comforts and opted to live a monk’s life in a mosque adjacent to their home. His daily routine comprise teaching Holy Quran to young children and other social-religious responsibilities associated with men of God.