Here is another example for Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrashekhar Rao’s generous nature and the value he gives to his friends, even after becoming the state’s CM. On Saturday, the CM set aside the protocol, and called on his friend who was unwell.

Upon learning that his colleague Rajendra Prasad, who worked with him some three decades ago, was having health issues, KCR went all the way to his residence at Musheerabad in Hyderabad to meet him. He has reportedly spent 20-odd minutes at his friend’s house and enquired about his health condition, and reminisced the days when they worked together as Youth Congress members.

Rajendra Prasad was very happy with his friend, now the state’s CM visiting him personally despite his busy schedule. He said that they haven’t met since 15 years but that KCR still remembered him. People residing in the colony assembled in huge number after getting information that the CM was coming.