Universal hero Kamal Haasan, who is very well versed with national politics, said that he is a big fan of AP CM Chandrababu Naidu, and his administration. He has showered Naidu with praises during a live Television interview given to a leading national channel.

“I am truly a big fan of Chandrababu Naidu. My eyes go round when I think of what he has done once (for the united AP as its CM), and he is trying to do it all over again (for truncated AP as its new CM). He is trying his best (despite limited resources), and its very commendable,” Kamal said.

If one knows Kamal, he is someone who speaks his mind, he doesn’t try to butter anyone. If Kamal spoke such highly of Naidu when the host didn’t even bring up the topic of Naidu, it tells that he really revers Naidu, and considers him an inspiration. Since Kamal always speaks the language of developmental politics, no wonder he is a fan of Naidu.

Kamal further said that he will soon meet Naidu, predictably to discuss politics.