If there are any filmmakers or film celebs who are leading a kickass life without thinking about what others will think about their attitude, it is definitely Ram Gopal Varma and Puri Jagan only.

Whether they want anyone to observe their lifestyle or not, former heroine Charmi is now busy revealing their nightlife and party life to the public. Other day she shared few videos of Varma and Puri, and how they are enjoying Saturday nightlife.

Pleased by a violin player with soothing music and occasional strumming, Varma and Puri are seen together with emptied alcohol glasses. Enjoying the core at Puri’s office ‘The Cave’, the two are seen tapping their feet and clinching their fists for the music. While they may technically deny their boozing, but these two are definitely different from the pack when it comes to flaunting their lifestyle. They don’t simply hide anything.

At the same time, Puri and Varma also got their whole team to the party as we could notice nearly 10 guys around them at the place. Mandu and music became very good pals of Varma and Puri, and they love to show their friendship to the world, some commented.