Most awaited First Look and also the Title of Pawan Kalyan’s 25th film was released other day. As usual, it created a trend online with Tollywood leading man’s software guy impressing a lot.

More than the title ‘Agnathavasi’, what created an intriguing feeling for many is the tagline. “Prince In Exile” is what it reads and that is now giving various feelers about the script. Fans and admirers of the actor are amazed as to what director Trivikram would have cooked as the story of this movie.

The very meaning implies that it is the story of a millionaire guy who is in exile and working on a mission. Some say that the story might have its links to the book “Prince In Exile” written by HJ Bradley. But the story of that novel is related to kings, kingdoms, and power, whereas the setup of software guy is not close to it.

Some felt that the story might have a tinge of Baasha, where the hero will have a stunning flashback as a rich man but now working in his own company under disguise.

Few even felt that Trivikram created this story basing on USA TV reality show “Undercover Boss” where real life bosses of companies go to their own office in an unrecognisable avatar to find out what their employees are actually thinking about the company and the boss.

So, Prince in Exile, which prince you’re? And what is your story? Maybe we need to wait till Sankranthi 2018.