Comedian turned hero Saptagiri’s latest outing as the leading man is Saptagiri LLB. It is a remake of critically acclaimed Bollywood hit Jolly LLB.

While the original is a fun film with solid story, the Telugu remake looks over the top with unnecessary heroism, punch-lines and masala songs.Theatrical trailer of Saptagiri LLB shows the comedian turned hero as a superman performing heavy duty action.

Arshad Warsi’s character in the original was a lovable simpleton character, but here Saptagiri looks like a typical commercial masala hero delivering mass dialogues and pinning down men double his size.

Saptagiri did the same in his debut film as hero and looks like he is repeating it to woo the masses. But did the director Charan Lakkakula managed to keep the soul of the original intact?

All in all, Saptagiri LLB trailer focuses less on content and concentrates more on hero elevation. Saikumar as the antagonist is the only plus point about it.